K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare, Nightcare, Grooming and Training

K9 to 5 is a family business providing dog services in Newmarket, founded in 2003, by Vernessa and Jim.

“Vernessa earned her diploma in Dog Daycare and studied Dog Psychology, passing both with distinction. She is an Instructor at The Companion Animal Science Institute, for the Dog Daycare course. She is grateful to work in the dog industry as an instructor, consultant and owner as she thrives in sharing her knowledge with other dog daycare owners to help set and keep the standards high in the industry, for all dogs and their families.

Jim draws on his background of business and sales as he enjoys setting the highest standards in customer service. He is often called the “Dog Guru” as the relationship between Jim and the dogs can often be seen as spiritual.

Jim is proud to say “Our priority is the health and safety of all dogs in our care. We set the standards for the level of care and service in our industry. This level of service requires dedication from all staff members. You can’t provide exceptional care and service without exceptional people”.

“Our staff are major dog lovers and are dedicated to taking care of dogs and providing our customers with exceptional level of service.

All staff are experienced professionals who have completed K9 to 5’s intensive training program. We all believe that the learning never stops. We continue to learn every day.

Jim and Vernessa pride themselves for having the finest team in the industry. We welcome you to come in and meet our exceptional staff and find out why all the dogs love coming to K9 to 5. Whether they are coming for dog grooming, or a play day or a training class or sleep over, they will pull you through the door...guaranteed!






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