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I have been using K9 to 5 for daycare, nightcare and grooming since 2006 when my dog, Lily, was still a puppy. I continue to be a client of theirs and I am so thankful that I have them to rely on.  

 People always comment on how well behaved my dog is. I really think it is because of the large amount of socialization she receives at K9 to 5. Not only does K9 to 5 lovingly take care of your pet, but while in daycare they learn so much from the “dog experienced” staff and the other dogs.  When I travel and have to leave Lily in the care of someone else it frightens me because most lost pets go missing (or run away) when in the care of another person.  I have family members who would take her while I am travelling, but I refuse their offers, I rather spend the extra money and have her stay at K9 to 5.  I know she will be safe there and it gives me the peace of mind I need to enjoy my trip.

K9 to 5 is a must have service for every dog owner. They are a very safe, fun, knowledgeable 24 hour facility which has come in very handy for last minute emergencies and they love and take care of your dog just as you would at home.

Thank You K9 to 5.

Lily’s Mom


We have been bringing our dogs to K9 to 5 for grooming for several years. It is always a pleasant experience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and our boys always look amazing. We highly recommend K9 to 5.




K9 to 5 is a home away from home for my dog. I always have peace of mind that he will be looked after and loved at K9 to 5. That means the world to me!

Fez’s Mom



When we first lost one of our dogs back in the summer of 2008 we noticed that our 2 year old Airedale had lots of energy but seemed lonely. We felt sorry for him. We had a dog walking service when we worked but it was for 30 minutes a day leaving Cosmo to be lonely the rest of the day.

Then our world changed. In July 2009 we happened by K9 to 5. We spoke to Jim and immediately felt that ‘this guy gets it’. We decided to try them out with our Airedale Cosmo and we have never looked back. He loves it. He knows his lunch bag and at the turn at the light he goes crazy whenever he realizes he is headed there.

In June 2010 we adopted a new puppy Harley and now he is part of the K9 to 5 family and loves it just as much.

In 2012 we had a health scare with Cosmo, the comfort and concern K9 to 5 gave us was so appreciated. They were as concerned for him as we were.
While on a weekend trip we received photos showing the boys happy and content to help ease our mind.

On a different trip we received a fabulous You Tube message from the boys.
It is

the kindness, concern and patience of Jim and the staff that really make this their home away from home.
The staff are thoughtful and attentive and we feel so comfortable leaving the boys there. I can call anytime, with short notice and I always am greeted with a smile. We use daycare, night care, grooming and all services are delivered with the same attentive to detail.

Frankly I do not know how we managed before we found them

Dawn and Kelly



I love coming to K9 to 5 for my spa day! I play with my friends all morning, then I get my spa treatment. First I have a soothing bath with a full body massage. Next I get my nails done. And finally I get my hair cut. I always feel so refreshed after my spa day at
K9 to 5. All my friends say I look nice ☺




Charlie, our 4 yr old Shi Tzu/Bischon mix has been coming to K9 to 5 since 2009.  As soon as I mention “Puppy Day Care” he runs for his leash…he can’t wait to get there and play with all his friends.  

In 2011, our daughter adopted Jasper, a Shi Tzu rescue dog, who we believe was abused.  We introduced Jasper to K9 to 5 in 2012, and thanks to the caring staff, he was part of the gang in no time and socializing with everyone.  Both he and Charlie are enthusiastic frequent visitors…they love it there!  All the staff, including the groomers, are understanding and genuinely care about our boys.

Thanks for everything you do.

Charlie’s Mom


I take my Bichon, Buddy, to K9 to 5 every 6-8 weeks to be shampooed and trimmed and have always felt very comfortable leaving him there. They always do a great job with him as they’re careful to listen to your instructions. The staff is always very friendly and they obviously enjoy what they do.

I have been using their services for about 18 months now and will be happy to continue doing so in the future.






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