K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare in Newmarket enables your dog to run and play with other friendly healthy dogs off leash, while in a safe, secure, clean, climate controlled and fully supervised environment.

Your dog will benefit from the physical and mental stimulation they get by playing with their own kind. They will enjoy their afternoon nap time in comfy beds with soft soothing music, gathering up their energy for more fun and play.

At the end of the day you will be re-united with a tired happy dog who will thank you with wet kisses and tail wags for taking them to K9 to 5 to be with their friends.
K9 to 5 staff are experienced dedicated pet care specialists who are fully qualified in handling groups of dogs in off leash play groups. We love our jobs and treat all dogs in our care as if they were our own.

Our focus is on healthy safe fun for all dogs in our care:

• A safe, always cage free environment
  Always supervised by experienced, dedicated pet care specialists

• Supervised play group activities to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated
   A much healthier & happier time for your dog then being home alone

• Basic obedience and good manners practiced throughout the day
  Always using positive methods that are humane and friendly

• Special Care
  We offer services to meet the special needs of puppies and seniors

• Nap time in a cozy environment
  Dimmed lights and soothing music for a relaxing afternoon nap

• Outdoor Walks
  Each of our guests enjoy one on one walks throughout the day

• Exceeding Standards of pet care specialists to pet ratio
  Dogs are always supervised and never left alone

• High sanitation and cleaning standards
  Floors, bedding, toys, play equipment and bowls cleaned & sanitized every day

• Flexible drop off and pick up hours to meet your busy schedules
  We know life can get hectic...we are here to help.

• Lots of love and personalized attention…guaranteed
  Ear scratches and belly rubs are enjoyed by all of our guests

Our clients use us when:

• They are too busy to give their dog the exercise that he/she needs for optimum health
• They are having service people in or renovations done
• They have a new baby who demands all of their attention
• Their dog has shown signs of stress or poor behaviour while they were at work
• They have an older dog or a dog who has recently had surgery and requires medications
   and extra care while they are at work
• They are entertaining
• They have a new puppy
• They just want to provide their dog with the opportunity to socialize and have fun

Who can come?

K9 to 5 is a social place where dogs hang out, play and sleep together. In order to provide a fun, safe and healthy environment all K9 to 5 members must meet the following qualifications. ·

• Must be people and dog friendly
• Must be in good health
• Must have passed our temperament entry assessment
• Members must be current on all vaccinations including Bordetella
• Puppies welcome after their second set of vaccinations
• Members must be on a flea control program
• Be neutered or spayed if older than 6 months
• Have a fecal test with negative results

How much does it cost?

Temperament assessment        $15.00
One Half Day                             $27.00 (up to 5 1/2 hours)
One Full Day                              $37.00 (up to 12 hours)

10-1/2 Day Pass                       $240.00 ($24/day. Save $30.00)

5 Day Pass                                 $180.00 ($36/day. Save $5.00)
10 Day Pass                               $340.00 ($34/day. Save $30.00)
20 Day Pass                               $640.00 ($32/day. Save $100.00)

Additional $10.00 Premium for Daycare on Public Holidays. 

All inclusive, no extra charges for special diets, administering medications, belly rubs and ear scratches!

All prices are subject to HST

Open 24/7, 365 days, including all holidays

To be part of the fun at K9 to 5 contact us or visit our facility to arrange for a temperament assessment session.  Call (905) 868-9100  E-mail info@k9to5.ca

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