Why choose K9 to 5 Grooming?

• All of our Groomers are Certified Professionals
• We have won awards for our outstanding excellence in grooming
• We specialize in all breeds
• Ours is a stress free doggie environment
• Potty breaks are included
• A specialized puppy grooming program to get your puppy off to a good start
• Premium, all natural, soothing spa products for your dog’s overall good health
• We offer a thorough coat and skin inspection with every groom
• Our professional groomers groom to breed standards
• All of our dogs enjoy a relaxing hand massage during their bath time
• We offer blueberry facials to help treat dark tear and mouth staining
• We maintain a clean and safe environment
• All of our equipment and towels are cleaned and disinfected everyday
• All dogs are treated with positive, gentle handling and respect
• We keep a history record for each dog which includes styling specifications and special
  needs to ensure consistency of care on every visit

 Daycare members enjoy complimentary daycare on the day they are being groomed. 

Our promise to you…we will make your dog feel loved and respected by treating them with kindness and understanding and giving them the most compassionate and best grooming experience.

Call today to book your appointment with one of our professional certified stylists!

puppies to seniors… we offer services to meet your special dog’s needs


Puppy Grooming

Give your puppy a positive foundation for a lifetime of stress free grooming

K9 to 5’s Perfect Puppy Package gets your puppy off to a great start. It is a one of a kind grooming orientation program designed especially to help in your puppy’s development and socialization needs.

It is important that your puppy learns to thoroughly enjoy being handled and examined by their veterinarian and groomer.

To help ensure a life time of happy, positive and stress free experiences at the groomer’s, several short appointments are highly recommended during puppyhood, over one long one.

The Perfect Puppy Package helps your puppy get accustom to being handled by the groomer and to enjoy it.

Call today to discuss this puppy grooming orientation program with one of our professional certified stylists!

(905) 868-9100

Special Seniors

Nothing but the best for these guys! Extra potty breaks, rest periods during their groom, a little extra time in the warm bath and a little longer massage.

We are pleased to attend to any special needs that your senior dog may have.

Head to Toe Pampering at K9 to 5

A visit to K9 to 5’s spaw means much more than a simple bath. Our state of the art grooming spaw provides a peaceful and pleasant grooming experience for all dogs and peace of mind for you.

Upon your arrival your dog’s general coat condition will be assessed. Your groomer will discuss how to best groom your dog, how to trim their coat according to breed, lifestyle and your expectations.

We are not a mass production shop. To ensure a safe, stress free experience our professional groomers take their time with each dog.

All dogs are bathed, dried thoroughly by the professional groomers. Then it is off to the finishing table where your dog is skillfully clipped, scissored and styled according to their breed specifications.

All grooms include a bath, brush out, pawdicure, eyes and ears cleaned, dematting and skin analysis. So go ahead and do something fun, your dog is going to be with us for a while.

When you groom with K9 to 5 you groom with confidence!

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

We are not satisfied until you are.


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