Our Always Supervised cage free Nightcare is just what your best friend would want when they go for a sleepover. The dogs are never left alone or put in crates, making their visit a pleasant stress free experience.

Enjoy your time away knowing that your dog is well taken care of. We attend to special needs and your dog’s safety and comfort is our top priority.

All nightcare dogs play with the daycare dogs. Pre-bedtime activities include dinner, a movie and treats before everyone is tucked into bed. Every dog is guaranteed a good night’s sleep while listening to soft music after an active day in daycare.

Our drop off and pick up times are flexible to meet your busy schedule.

Whether it’s for one night or an extended stay, our nightcare guests must fulfill the same requirements as the daycare dogs.

All new nightcare guests are required to attend one full day of daycare prior to their overnight stay. This allows them to get to know the staff and become familiar with the facility, before you leave them for their overnight stay.

Please bring your dogs own food. This will limit bouts of upset tummy.

We will require an emergency contact name and number while you are away.

We are more than happy to accommodate dogs that require special medication or special diets at no extra charges.

You do not need to bring a bed, dishes or toys. We have comfy beds and lots of toys. All beds, toys and dishes are fresh, clean and sterilized.

The dogs are always separated when eating to enable them to eat and digest their food in peace.

At K9 to 5 we are on the cutting edge of security for our guests. Our location is equipped with an alarm system and we have a state of the art security camera system. To ensure that our guests are always safe, experienced staff members are always on duty even throughout the night. The dogs are never left alone. No need to worry about cameras that are linked to the internet. Your dog will not be seen by the world at large. Here at K9 to 5 your dog’s safety and well-being is our top priority.

While away you are always welcome to call us to check up on your dog at any time. Just ask and we will e-mail you a picture of your dog playing or sleeping with their friends.

How much does it cost?

1-7 nights                $59.00/night
8-14 nights              $57.00/night
15-27 nights            $55.00/night
28 nights or more    $53.00/night

• All inclusive, no extra charges for special diets, administering medications, belly rubs and
  ear scratches.
• Daycare is included in the nightcare costs.
• $10.00 premium for nightcare on public holidays
• All prices are subject to HST

• One night or an extended stay, your dog will have a tail wagging good time...we
  guarantee it!

Contact us today to book your dog’s vacation or just an overnight stay with us!

Call (905) 868-9100  E-mail info@k9to5.ca

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