Puppy Kindergarten

As soon as your puppy comes home, it is important to your puppy’s future to provide them with socialization and confidence building with other dogs. Your puppy needs socialization now so he/she won’t grow up to bite or fight. Our goal in Puppy classes is to produce good natured, well mannered adult dogs. Our Puppy Kindergarten is a socialization and obedience class where puppies meet other puppies and people and learn good manners that last a lifetime.

Dogs Love to Learn

Many pet parents believe that once a dog reaches one year of age or older they have no further training or socialization needs. Even puppies that are well socialized can regress and become fearful of people and new situations if their training and socialization activities are not continued. Dogs learn throughout their entire lives, just like humans. Periodically continuing your dog’s education is the best way to nurture the bond between you and your dog, as well as to keep your dog happy, smart, socialized, good natured and safe. Our Dog Manners and Advanced Obedience classes assist you to build on the skills you learned in Puppy Classes.

Training the family dog is not an option! It’s the best way to help your dog become a happy well behaved member of your family and it’s fun.

Properly training your dog is one of the kindest gifts you can give them. A dog that is trained and responds instantly to commands even in the face of distractions will not be left behind when the family goes for a walk in the park, on a road trip or to visit friends. Your dog will feel much more comfortable knowing what is expected from him in different situations, so he will be more relaxed instead of being confused about his role.

Why positive, reward based training?

At K9 to 5 we use only positive, reward based training. Why..because it works!! Reward based training has been proven in studies to be more effective in eliciting desired behaviours. The same studies conclude that many dogs exposed to punishment simply “shut down”. Harsh methods are quick fixes but usually lead to unexpected and unwanted behaviours like shutting down, aggression, apathy and fear.

Dedicated to helping families raise happy, friendly, well mannered dogs!

We offer Puppy Kindergarten, Dog Manners, Advanced Obedience Classes as well as 90 Minute Workshops on popular topics such as Polite Greetings, Walking on a Loose Leash and Reliable Recalls.

Why Choose K9 to 5 Family Pet Dog Training?

· Gentle, positive methods· Motivational, effective & fun with lasting results
· Professional, experienced, dedicated trainers
· Content tailored to your needs
· Whole family welcome
· Relaxed atmosphere
· All breeds, ages & sizes welcome
· All classes include comprehensive handouts
· Private problem solving and behaviour modification programs
· Voted the #1 Training Facility in Newmarket by the Readers Choice

If you want to have fun with your dog and enjoy a wonderful relationship give us a call and learn more about our award winning training.

905-868-9100 or email us at info@k9to5.ca


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